About us

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Far Ocean Fireworks
As the first privately-owned fireworks export trading enterprise in Liuyang City, Far Ocean Fireworks has the premium assets, customer resources, and corporate culture.
Guided by the spirit of overcoming mountains and persevering, we have successfully integrated, restructured, and upgraded.
We are imprinted with the courage to explore and innovate, with a focus on value enhancement, technological advancement, and industrial restructuring.
Thirty years of perseverance through trials and tribulations, Far Ocean Fireworks is now heading towards its own starry sea.
Our Philosophy
As the leading enterprise in the Liuyang fireworks industry, we have always adhered to the "people-oriented" corporate culture, creating value for employees, customers, and the industry, while pursuing excellence and sharing the future. We embrace a sense of responsibility, integrate resources, collaborate with strength, operate at scale, and manage with standardization.
This approach promotes the healthy and stable development of the industry. In fields such as product technology, management, marketing, customer service, and brand value enhancement, we have established a distinctive core competitiveness, enabling Liuyang's safe and eco-friendly fireworks to shine across the globe.
Production Base
Far Ocean Fireworks proudly boasts an 800-acre garden-style large-scale fireworks production base in Guandu Town, as well as a modern office environment, advanced production equipment, and a highly skilled management and R&D team.
Product Line
Our base specializes in the research, production, and sales of combination fireworks class B/C, fountain fireworks class B/C/D, and aerial fireworks (rockets class A/B/C).
Quality Control
We implement strict quality control at every production stage and have established a comprehensive quality management system.